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Duke LB Vincent Rey to meet with 49ers

The folks at National Football Post are reporting that Duke linebacker Vincent Rey will be meeting with the 49ers next week in North Carolina. Rey isn't a high profile linebacker, but the inside/middle linebacker could be a late round option for the 49ers. He has not been mentioned here at the site, but I did find another SB Nation site with a scouting report on Rey. The folks at Big Cat Country indicate he's a small guy who's relied on his athleticism to succeed in college. Generally it sounds like he's a guy who probably won't be a big-time impact player, but could be a standout on special teams.

I rarely post about pre-draft visits, particularly when it involves a player who probably will be primarily a special teams player. However, I wanted to use this post to announce something a bit more important. If you check out the National Football Post link, if you look at the top of the page on the right side, you'll see something that says "In Association With" and then has the SB Nation logo.

Well, SB Nation is proud to announce that they've formed an advertising and cross-promotional partnership with National Football Post. This doesn't bring them under the umbrella of SB Nation, nor us under their umbrella. Rather, SB Nation will act as a sales agent for NFP and both parties will cross-promote each other. Given NFP's reputation and the type of insiders writing for them, I can only imagine good things coming from this.