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Niners Nation Podcast

As Niners Nation has expanded, one of the next steps I've always had in mind was a podcast. After some discussions, Ninjames has taken the lead on this with smileyman. They've been working out the administrative details and will soon begin producing the podcasts. Now that we're going to be starting this, we need to get some information and ideas from everybody that will be listening.

First and foremost, it'd be nice to have a name other than Niners Nation Podcast. We've come up with some fun names for various features (Golden Nuggets, Prospector's Guide, etc.), and I'm thinking we need something like that for our podcast. So, any ideas for names are welcome.

Second, are there are any particular topics you'd especially like to see covered in this first one, and then going forward? There is plenty to talk about, and I'm sure Ninjames and smileyman can fill the space. However, one of the aspects of a podcast is getting people to listen. So, we want to make sure the discussion points are covering areas in which people are interested. Obviously they'll be covering the draft and the McCloughan departure, but if you have more specific ideas, we'd love to hear them.

Finally, the first podcast will be Ninjames and smileyman. However, it'd be fun to get people on the site joining in. If you'd be interested in joining the in the podcast, let us know. We're thinking it'd be fun to potentially have different co-hosts each time.

The plan for the first podcast is to record it, thus having no interaction outside of Ninjames and smileyman. The reason for that is that it would basically be a dry-run. Depending on how that goes, the plan is to eventually make it a live podcast where people can listen and call/email/IM questions or comments.