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Golden Nuggets: One I like? Yeah right.

Morning everyone. Thought I'd start off my saying thanks to Fooch for covering for me yesterday on such short notice. I had a migraine that was making it difficult to think and produce coherent sentences with which to build my Nuggets post, let alone even look at the backlit screen of my laptop. Ever had a migraine? Well, don't get one. It's not fun. That being said, 49ers news is pretty much lacking today. I'm not sure what Fooch linked to yesterday, but I'll do my due diligence (a phrase I've likely been overusing lately, but I don't care) and find as many links as I can without getting a bit redundant. Well, I'm running out of time to get these posted so... here's your links.

The 49ers will be one of the (if not the) first teams to hold their OTAs this season, with one coming up this month. I've never heard of one in March. (

Brown may be the 49ers best option at offensive tackle in the upcoming draft. Hey look, an offensive lineman I actually like. Who would have thought? (

The 49ers are interested in inside linebackers. I'm a bit perplexed, I thought that McKillop was playing well and has good instincts and all that... I suppose they're a bit better at evaluating their own players than I am, huh? (

Aubrayo Franklin: Breaking Through, a piece on the guy who I thought would be gone about this time last season. (

Mike Singletary says that the front office was "not just one guy." Good to hear. (

More talk about the 49ers post-McCloughan. (

Q&A with CB Reggie Smith from the official website. (

Why QB Alex Smith deserves Jed York's vote of confidence. (

Samuel Lam seems to think the 49ers aren't interested in McNabb at all. (

Still, doesn't this seem like an intriguing situation to be in? A bold move indeed. It won't and would never happen, and I actually have some semblance of faith in Alex Smith this season, but fun to think about. (