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Golden Nuggets: Let's have a party.

Morning everyone. James here, etc etc. All that good stuff. I've got some links for you today, not a whole lot but it's enough. At least, I think it's enough. If it's not enough, you can lodge a formal complaint. That being said... make sure you're here today at noon, Fooch says we've got an open thread going up and I know I'm going to be there. I've been rallying for one of those, so make sure you just get on and get some randomness going. Anyway, as far as 49ers news... there was a bit about the upcoming draft party, which is awesome. I can't wait for it. I say all of you should come, we'll meet up and form a mob. Oh yes. Anyway, here's your links, folks.

Singletary hit the road and is now off to do some scouting... leaving the players in the hands of the assistant coaches for the early OTAs. (

The team announced their 2010 NFL Draft Party. Go to it. Do it. (

Here's what Barrows has come up with on the "Trent Baalke file." (

Adam 'Pacman' Jones' agent says that the 49ers are interested in him. Huh. (

Funny, considering Trent Baalke already said that the 49ers have absolutely no interest in the guy. (

Here is everything Baalke covered in the recent Q&A. (

There will be a 49ers quarterback competition... just one with an edge already built in, a hierarchy if you will. (

Apologies for not giving these links a whole lot of substance... My migraine hit me halfway through the first link, all I could do to finish 'em.