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Considering other "outside" coaches for the 49ers

Andrew Davidson posted this as FanShot late last night, but I thought it was a really intriguing question for us to consider and definitely worth a front page look:

I couldn't resist putting up a picture of Stone Cold Pimp Tom Izzo, who has taken the Michigan State Spartans deep into March once again. MSU prevailed over Northern Iowa, and Izzo definitely proved he's set a high bar for success. I bring this up, because it got me in a "what-if?" moment. What if you had to choose a coach from another sport to coach the 49ers? Me? I'll take Tom to the Izzo from MSU, slightly ahead of Greg Popovich of the NBA's San Antonio Spurs.

The NCAA tournament provides a look at some great coaches. However, we all know there are great coaches across the broad spectrum of sports. So, while I'd imagine most, if not all, of us are happy with Mike Singletary, if you could go into a fantasy world and pick any coach in any sport to coach the 49ers, who would it be?