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Golden Nuggets: Flip-flopping on Spiller

Morning everyone, Ninjames here. Just wanted to begin with a congratulations to everyone in the open thread yesterday. It went well, and I hope there are more in the future. If you missed it, there were several topics covered, and I think all we got from it was that LondonNiner is indeed British and doesn't know the first thing about bread glaze. All of that aside, it was a good thing we had a big open thread, because absolutely nothing happened in 49erland yesterday. Like, literally nothing went down. I think all the beat writers and 49ers staff didn't set their alarms, or maybe they were watching basketball. Or spectating our thread. Or watching the UFC. Who knows? Either way, I do have a couple links from you, so I'll get them up for you.

Trent Baalke sees the draft much the same way that Scot McCloughan did. I hope he's not as close-minded. (

Recent comments from Baalke suggest that C.J. Spiller (or perhaps Jahvid Best) is a target for the 49ers in the draft. (

Be sure to check out Indiana Jim's latest 49ers Fancast. (49ers Fancast)

This makes me happy. Joey Porter is having a bad start as far as his career with the Arizona Cardinals goes. Good. I need him to not be awesome. (

That's it for now, as I don't want to repeat any links.