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Golden Nuggets: Yeah.

Morning, morning... James here. Unfortunately, I really don't think I have anything for you today. There may be one or two articles, but virtually nothing happened. This past week we've had McCloughan leaving the 49ers, Trent Baalke stepping up and participating in a Q&A... We've had Adam 'Pacman' Jones eliminated from the equation alongside Eagles QB Donovan McNabb through statements from Baalke and the team. QB Alex Smith received backing from Jed York and also from Baalke, and the team is participating in the earliest OTAs in the league.So if I can't find any new links, apologies, but this is what I got. Enjoy.

Here's uh... a photo blog from the recent Gold Rush auditions. (

Sando has some random thoughts about first round draft thoughts for QBs in the NFC West. (

I wonder what kind of discipline Joey Porter will get from the league, if any. Interesting, if unrelated. (

Yep.. that's it for now.