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Cardinals FS Antrel Rolle reportedly looking for $8 million per year

I came across some interesting information about Antrel Rolle's potential contract demands. Tip of the cap to Arrowhead Pride for posting this. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Rolle is looking to get upwards of $8 million per year if he hits the open market, as expected, on Friday. Normally this might go in our free agency thread, but given the NFC West implications and the interest among 49ers fans in adding him, I thought this was important enough for everybody to see.

For those wondering, that would in fact make Rolle the highest paid safety in the NFL. For the folks looking to add a young safety, is it really worth rolling out that kind of cash? While it's true there will likely be no cap, the team still has budget issues to consider, and young talent to re-sign, including current free safety Dashon Goldson.

I've posted a quick poll, but for those who would make Antrel Rolle the highest paid safety in the league, I'd like to hear your reasons as to why.