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Golden Nuggets: Sweet, delicious links.

Morning, folks. Finally, finally I have some links for you! To be honest, I actually feel bad when I make a Nuggets post and don't really have anything relevant for you. Yesterday, I almost didn't put up the Nuggets, but I guessed that a post with virtually nothing is better than no post at all, so I did it and managed to rant on for a bit. Tonight though, I have a few links. Not a ton, but it's more than yesterday, and I may even utilize the jump, here! Anyway, folks, I've been rather busy lately but I just wanted to throw it out there for all of you to know that I plan to get together with Smileyman today if possibly and finish the details for the Niners Nation Podcast and get you guys one of 'em soon. I'm getting a bit nervous, to be honest! No more sitting and thinking out what I want to say before I hit the publish, it'll be my opinions on all 49ers matters right off the bat.. should be good. Anyway, here's your links, folks.

Alex Smith did something he hasn't done in a very long time... He got a jump start in OTAs when they began by already knowing the offensive system as opposed to having to learn a new one. (

It's not a battle in the traditional sense, but you wouldn't be completely wrong in stating that Smith and Carr began battling for the QB job yesterday. (

Kevin Lynch from the Chronicle has some observations from OTAs yesterday. (

Here's a bit about Sam Bradford, but also a bit about 49ers acting GM Trent Baalke. I kind of like the guy. (

The 49ers are reportedly not interested in McNabb but man some of those quotes... they light a fire in me and I want him on the team, bad. They claim that the 49ers would be instant favorites to win the division, as good as any team in the NFC, and a super bowl contender. I think it's true, too. Look at all the talent on this team. TE, WR, HB, LB, DT, DE.. I really hope Alex Smith can pull it off, I really do. (

Check out Sando's latest mailbag post, where he speaks to the 49ers QB situation. I've found Sando's mailbags are one of the better reads these days since Barrows does so few Q&As lately.(

Several veterans on the team didn't turn out for the OTAs. I'm not duly worried. There's an explanation for just about all of them. There's been one or two articles that seem to reflect on this being a bad thing, but I just don't see it. The big deal here is offense, isn't it? (

The 49ers OTAs are pretty much a head start--to my knowledge no other teams have begun them yet. Then again, I've been so out of football when it doesn't come to 49ers related things (whereas during the season I'm pretty sure I could put together a Nuggets post every day for every team in the league) because I've been following hockey/tennis/basketball/mma. (

The team feels like they're ahead of schedule with the continuity. Sounds good to me.(

Continuity... means "deja vu" for Alex Smith, this feeling of 'old' is so new to him. (

The 49ers had a specific interest in a certain college QB. I didn't get a chance to read this, but I certainly hope htis means no more Nate Davis, though I'm not going to pay it much attention until Maiocco or someone sheds some light on it. (

Smith says the team is much further along this offseason as opposed to previous seasons. That's what I need to hear. (

Another bit about the two QBs competing for the starting job. Smith is the guy, alright? Compete all you want, Carr, I don't think you're as good... Hope I don't get anymore hate mail from Carr's agent! (

Here's a Yahoo 49ers Team Report. (

Could Bradford be a holdout? If so, I really hope the Rams take him. Call it kicking them while they're down if you like, they're divisional rivals and should be crushed. (

The Cardinals had a couple RFAs sign with the team. (