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Golden Nuggets: Way ahead of the game

Morning everyone. Ninjames here, how's everyone doing? I'm doing awful! I've got a migraine that feels like I've had my brain smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped in a large, gold brick. I suppose it isn't all that bad though, I'm at least able to do the Nuggets unlike last time when I had a migraine and Fooch had to cover. I have a fair bit of links for you today, but it's nothing to write home about. OTAs wrapped up, all that good stuff so I should plenty regarding that. One of the things I'm excited to hear about is OT Alex Boone and the strides he's been making to get some playing time this upcoming season. I like Boone, he's a mauler, I hope he gets a spot on the roster after an impressive camp. That would be something, no? I suppose it's a long shot, but it's one I'd like to take. Anyway, here's your linkage for today.

The team wrapped up their first session of OTAs yesterday. (

WR Michael Crabtree is way ahead of the game. I like that, I hope he can be great for us next season, and I think he can. (

It's good that he can just take things step by step now, unlike last season when he was basically cramming. (

HB Frank Gore is not a fan of running back by committee. (

Here's a bit about OT Alex Boone. I like the guy, a lot. (

He's pushing hard for playing time. I know the team will be picking a RT in the draft, so I guess I'll support that guy over Boone, but I'd love for him to become a serviceable backup. (

A bit about who Singletary and Baalke are currently scouting. Personally, I don't understand the bit about people seeing Bryant as a better prospect than Crabtree, I just feel like Crabtree is all-around better, and I thought that before the 49ers picked him. (

The 49ers signed FA K Shane Andrus, a guy I actually liked a lot last season. (

Here's a summary of what went down with the 49ers in free agency. (

If there's one thing I can't get enough of, it's Joe Staley. So this bit about him and his eye surgery... well, check it out. He's a funny guy. (

OT Anthony Davis is scheduled to work out for the 49ers, as they could be taking him with one of their first round picks. (

It's a bit early, but it feels like Alex Smith is much more confident and definitely in charge. (

The changes Boone has made could definitely help the 49ers. (