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Golden Nuggets: Am I the only one who was impressed with Goldson?

Good morning everyone, James here checking in with your Nuggets for the day. Thanks to Fooch for covering for me yesterday, just had to get some stuff done and it was definitely a necessity. He's informed me that he will be busy soon and won't be able to cover for awhile, so you guys get all Ninjames all the time for a couple weeks straight on the Nuggets... lucky you! Free agency draws closer, as does the draft. I'll have articles concerning free agents, articles concerning who the 49ers will pick, I think I have a Barrows or Maiocco mock draft, and generally I think I have enough articles to tide you over, or at least I'm trying. Someone asked me yesterday if it was OK that they post a link: yes it most definitely is, I can't get them all. Remember folks, I put these posts together just before they are posted at 3:00 AM my time--it's pretty easy for me to miss something. So post 'em up if you got 'em, and don't hesitate to tell me I suck for missing it. Enjoy your links for today, everybody.

Barrows posted his most recent (maybe his first?) mock draft. I seriously agree with almost nothing in this draft, which is odd because I believe Barrows might be my favorite of the main media guys for 49ers coverage. I just don't see some of these picks at all. (

A look at CB Joe Haden and some concerns. I never liked the pick regardless, people kept having the 49ers taking him in early mock drafts. (

The safeties are looking pretty shaky in the NFC West.. Rams FS OJ Atogwe could be getting a low-ball tender and Cardinals FS Antrel Rolle could be looking at becoming the highest paid safety in the league... by another team. (

Maiocco takes yet another look at the 49ers scheduled free agents. (

Some of the 49ers ticket prices went up, some of them went down. I get a complete kick out of people getting upset about a rise in price. It's been like that since the team started, does nobody understand that? Sure for the most part it might stay the same, but if the team gets better, you can expect the price to rise. (

 A look at one player I wish there was a place for--but that the 49ers might now have room for next season: FB Brit Miller. (

So Spiller would definitely be an exception to McCloughan's 'big player' rule. I still like him a lot. (

Three combine standouts that will be first round picks. (

Here's a good article from about the 49ers offseason outlook: a review, a preview, etc. (

A look at the Singletary Effect, and what he can do for certain players and certain issues in the offseason. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at the free agent cornerbacks. (

And then he looks at the free agent safeties. (

So what does everyone think of FB Moran Norris? Should be be back next season? (