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2010 NFL Free Agency Thread #2

We're up over 400 comments in the first free agency thread, so I thought I'd roll out another thread to take us through the evening.  While the signings have been limited thus far, the rumors are flying fast and furious.

Julius Peppers is rumored to be close to heading to Chicago.  Chad Clifton is visiting Washington.  Adam Schefter made a good point on his Twitter feed: If the Redskins sign Clifton, they might not need an offensive tackle in the first round of the draft.  Some mocks have had them grabbing Okung, so maybe that knocks an OT down to the 49ers?  Who knows.

We'll be back again at 7am with a Friday thread.  Right now it's mostly just talk with the action really starting to happen at some point early tomorrow.  Enjoy your discussion here and we'll see you in the morning.