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2010 NFL Free Agency Friday Open Thread: QB David Carr to visit 49ers

Fooch's Update 8:56am: Thanks for the mention in the comments about Carr.  Adam Schefter retweeted a link from that indicated that Giants back-up QB David Carr is reportedly going to visit the 49ers.  Imagine having two former #1 overall picks that have failed to live up to expectations competing in camp?  Apparently the Cardinals also remain in play.

Last season, on the first day of free agency the 49ers were quite busy, even if they weren't monster transactions.  They re-signed Allen Rossum and Takeo Spikes, and brought Moran Norris back into the fold.  The Kurt Warner rumors started shortly thereafter and it was generally a fairly busy time.

This time around, things would seem to be relatively quiet for now.  So quiet that Matt Maiocco is spending the weekend in Las Vegas at the West Coast Conference basketball tournament.  I know not everybody looks at MM as the be-all, end-all, but as a beat writer, he still has his ear to the ground when it comes to 49ers news (even if you don't like his analysis).  I'd imagine the 49ers will get some work done, but I can't imagine a whole lot of us are expecting big moves these first few days, if at all.

This free agency period is an intriguing one given the labor issues.  Due to the changes in accrued seasons and restricted/unrestricted free agency, the market has been artificially shrunk.  Given this shrinkage of the market, it will be interesting to see how, or even if, that affects player contracts.  Do we see certain talent get considerably more than they deserve (maybe Antrel Rolle?)?  I'd wonder if teams might hold back on spending, but depending on if the Peppers-to-Chicago stuff goes down (I'm scheduling this post late Thursday night, so it might happen by the time this goes up), then that will be proof owners will still throw money around like drunken billionaire sailors.

We'll have folks in and out of this (and other) threads all day posting rumors, but if you want to search for rumors on your own, here are some Twitter feeds to check out (not even remotely a complete list):

Adam Schefter
Pro Football Talk
Michael Lombardi
Rotoworld Football
Gregg Rosenthal
Adam Caplan

At this point, the only 49ers-related news is that Tony Pashos is scheduled to visit Denver today.  Also, safety Matt Ware is scheduled to visit an NFC West team today, but no word on which team.  Finally, apparently Arnaz Battle is drawing interest from Seattle and Pittsburgh.

We'll have updates throughout the day, including new threads for some of the bigger signings.  Additionally, smileyman is keeping a tally of the moves that go down.  Consider us your prime source for free agency information!