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Golden Nuggets: Free agency? Boring for the Niners.

Morning everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the craze that is free agency. Unfortunately, I have to get up in a few hours so I'm doing these Nuggets a bit early and I may miss some of things posted between now (midnight) and three when these links go up, and if I miss something, please do correct me and post the link, thank you. Also, a new open thread for free agency will be up at 7 AM and I urge you all to get on and take part over a nice cup of coffee or your morning drink of choice, I'll be at the local coffee shop posting here, and also working on something for you guys here at NN, or at least, getting the first piece drafted. Who wants to guess what it is? Winner gets to help.

With two first round picks and one of the stronger draft classes in awhile, the focus is on the draft--not free agency. (

The teams signed LB Matt Wilhelm to a one-year deal. It's a good signing, he was a solid backup and played well on special teams. (

Free agency kicked off just a few hours ago. (

So far, the 49ers haven't made any big moves and aren't expected to do so. (

Oh look, Kawakami is talking draft.. man I feel like I haven't linked to this guy in months. Either way, not surprising that I think he's wrong on just about every front possible. Awesome. (

McCloughan's Mailbag: 2010. Good to see a return for this. (

The Lions signed Burleson from the Seahawks. I don't have much to say... it's an interesting move. (