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Cutting to the chase: Donovan McNabb

Free agency is into its first full day, but I thought we'd roll out this cutting to the chase feature again on a potential trade option. Earlier this week, 67% felt that the 49ers should not attempt to sign TO.

We all know the Donovan McNabb face. It's been rolled out plenty of times over the past decade, much to the chagrin of Eagles fans. And once again, another offseason rolls along with McNabb potentially on the trading block. According to the folks at ESPN Insider (always one to take with the largest of salt grains), the Eagles are divided on keeping McNabb, which really doesn't seem like breaking news. The team seems to be getting younger, but one has to question whether Kevin Kolb is ready to lead that team. Of course, if they go into more of a rebuilding mode, maybe it is time to throw Kolb to the wolves.

Personally, I don't see the 49ers making a move for McNabb. According to reports the team is bringing in David Carr for a visit, which I would think indicates they would definitely not be making a play for McNabb. Outside of Carr potentially coming to town, McNabb's a West Coast Offense QB, and the 49ers are not running a west coast offense. The 49ers seem intent on giving Alex Smith every opportunity to prove himself this season. At the same time, McNabb is certainly a talented quarterback. Some would argue he's a big, fat choke artist. Others would point to the fact that the Eagles have still enjoyed some great success while he's been QB. Whatever the case, if the Eagles do in fact trade McNabb, I could see numerous destinations before the 49ers. And that's if the Eagles actually even trade him. I'm not convinced that will happen at this point.

So, let's cut to the chase and get some numbers down in black and white. Should the 49ers attempt to trade for Donovan McNabb? I'm not looking for specifics on what picks or players it would require. Just a straight up or down vote on it.