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Golden Nuggets: Like I said, boring.

Morning everyone, hope you're all doing good, even after a rather boring day of free agency. Oddly enough, I took part in the thread all day yesterday, but I didn't pay much attention because it was pretty obvious the 49ers weren't going to make any big moves. I guess that's for the better, the team has a lot of young talent they need to resign and that is definitely the priority. So I'm sitting here, waiting for Midnight so more links could come up.. my dilemma currently is whether I should wash a bowl and spoon, or try and eat Cornflakes out of a cup with a knife. I'll let you guys know how it turned out. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and just get to your links. Enjoy, folks.

The 49ers are visiting with QB David Carr... which could spell bad news for QB Shaun Hill. Also, this guy is awful. Really all I have to say on the matter. (

To add to that: David Carr..... really? Couldn't have said it better myself. (

Patrick Willis' comments on Twitter do seem a bit out of character. Either way, I agree with him. (

Battle is scheduled to visit with the Steelers--good for him. (

David Baas faces uncertainty as a RFA. (

Is it too early to write off the Cards? Nope, I did that when Warner retired. (