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Jared Gaither and the 49ers: Is there even a nugget of truth to the BR story?

Bleacher Report gets a ton of crap here at times for posting some wildly crazy and inaccurate stuff.  Earlier today, someone there wrote a story claiming the 49ers are the leading candidate to gain the services of Ravens OT Jared Gaither.  I'm not linking to because there is no proof elsewhere that this is actually true.  If you want to read the story, a quick Google search will find it for you.  I want to use this post to flush out if anybody can verify this story.

According to this BR article, and the NFL Network, the 49ers, Seahawks and Cowboys all contacted the Ravens about Gaither.  I don't if this info might have been on the NFL Network, but I can say with relative certainty, that at this point in the day, it is NOT being report on  If they were reporting it, their Rumor section would have something about it.  There is nothing.  Furthermore, there is nothing on any major Twitter feeds, and there is nothing over at  If you do a Google News search, you get this article and not much else.

So why am I writing what appears to be yet another bogus story at Bleacher Report?  Well, maybe somebody out there has actually heard something more.  I wouldn't mind seeing the 49ers add Jared Gaither to shore up the offensive line.  So, if there is in fact a kernel of truth to this, I'd love to see it.  And I'd be happy to reign in my distaste for Bleacher Report.

I realize not everything written at BR is BS, but they haven't exactly done themselves any favors over the years.  If you write for BR, I apologize if I've offended you.  However, when you have multiple instances of potentially made-up rumors (among other less than stellar practices), it becomes multiple bad apples ruining the bunch.  As a law student, I hear all the lawyer jokes, and I read one recently that said, "99% of lawyers ruin it for the rest of us."  This might apply in some instances.