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Ode to the greatness of the Niners Nation community

Normally I might say that whole David Carr-meeting-the-press business was disappointing.  However, given how we devolved into insanity in our live thread, the last 2+ hours was not a complete loss.  In fact, I'd argue it was incredibly entertaining here at Niners Nation.  There were numerous times where I laughed out loud at somebody's comment.  It reminded me of the live blog I did of the entire 2007 draft.  It devolved into pure insanity.

So real quick, the recap of the actual Carr-related news, per Barrows, Kawakami, and Crumpacker on Twitter.  David Carr came to the 49ers facility and left without signing a contract, and without meeting with the media (much to the chagrin of the folks down there, and much to the enjoyment of the NN community).  Crumpacker said he thought that meant Carr wouldn't be a 49er.  Barrows tweeted that he thought it could always mean Carr is heading to his hotel while his agent and the 49ers try to hammer something out.  Whatever the case may be, David Carr is not a member of the 49ers at the present time.

While there is always plenty to discuss about a potential David Carr signing, I wanted to use this post to once again point out how awesome this Niners Nation community really is.  This was the ultimate non-story, and yet we surpassed 500 comments in the thread.  That's just amazing.  And it wasn't like people were posting short 1-word comments like we see in game threads when something big happens.  No, in this thread we had some high comedy unveiled.

So I just want to thank everybody who took part in what will go down as one of the more randomly epic threads in Niners Nation history.  And it's a tribute to the community that has developed here over the last three years.  At this point, it doesn't even matter how the David Carr signing turns out.  We've already made history!