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Sunday Lunch Swing Around SBNation: Inhistoric

The dominance continues as SBNation continues to move ever closer to 250 blogs. Last week I noted that our little blog network was sitting pretty at 242 blogs and I've just noticed that we're up to 243. It's not immediately clear to me which one is the newest but it's getting more and more impressive each day. Last Saturday I took a look at our MMA blog, Bloody Elbow, which was preceded by a look at Uncommon Sportsman.

243 blogs means 243 commnities and at the very least, 243 dedicated editors. Some are more dedicated than others but the content is there. Maybe there are a couple blogs here with content that could be due to improve a little bit, but for the very most part, SBNation has some of the best blogs on the 'net as far as content, coverage, commentary and community. Four 'c's means I'm getting a bit carried away so let's take a look at a blog I just discovered this week...

Apologies for not getting this post up yesterday, I don't have a good excuse. But anyway, today I'm going to focus on Inhistoric, one of the younger blogs here at SBNation. Inhistoric's topic is history, or more specifically, the history of sports. As they stated in their welcome post, Inhistoric is just one word and not two, so don't you dare break it up. But how about we get into the specifics of this blog? Make the jump.

Editor: ZombieMonta

Inhistoric was around for about two years before joining SBNation in October of last year. In that short period of time, it has definitely impressed me and has gathered more than a few readers. The goal at Inhistoric is to be the ultimate resource for "This Day In History" content, and eventually have a (potentially impossible!) catalog of just about everything significant to happen in sports.

It's a pretty lofty goal, but they've been plugging along and thus far it's been really interesting. They make many good points, and one thing I really liked about the site was the statement "eventually you'll learn everything you need to know about sports history, one day at a time." There's something rewarding in knowing just about everything there is to know about your specific favorite sport or team.

Each day there will be a post concerning that particular day in history. It was always one of my favorite little segments whenever I saw it on a show or another website, and I think the idea of a blog based around it is a very good one.

The content contained in each of these posts is top notch. It doesn't focus on one sport and the definite topicality can vary greatly. Whether it comes to a points milestone, a significant championship win or... and this is taken from the current front page, a pretty interesting life swap

Now I haven't got a chance to speak to the editor over there, but he seems like a passionate guy and I definitely know that getting content up on a daily basis isn't such an easy thing. I've noticed, in reading the FAQ that they encourage error reporting and community participation. I already have some ideas for fanposts in the upcoming weeks and hope to participate myself.

The community over there doesn't seem to be too large as far as comments go, but let's try and change that, yeah? Say you get up every day and check the Nuggets, do a couple web searches, etc... I think it'd be great, as a sports fan, to throw this site in your daily routine. Learn along with me and keep it bookmarked, join the blog and maybe even comment if it strikes you as something you can contribute to or even just comment a 'hey that's pretty cool.' I think the whole 'daily knowledge' thing is great and I hope you do too. So head on over to Inhistoric and learn something you didn't know about today. And if you DID know it, learn something new about tomorrow and be sure to check 'em out this time next year... Unless you happen to be the authority on March 7th, I daresay you'll learn something. Thanks for reading folks, enjoy your lunch.