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Vacation time

As we sit waiting for any kind of free agent info to go down, I thought I'd post a bit of an update on myself and the site.  This coming week is spring break for me, and is looking to be my last spring break before returning to the real world.  So, the time has come for a little vacation.  Accordingly, I'm off to Cabo San Lucas for five days of the proverbial fun in the sun.

But fret not, the site will remain active over the coming week.  Drew K will continue to provide draft coverage, including the 100 in 100 posts.  Josh Branco and smileyman will help keep you up to date on 49ers free agent moves, and other major free agent moves.  Additionally, Josh Branco will be putting together info on free agency and the 49ers 2010 opponents.  And I'll also get a few posts in along the way, particularly if the 49ers make any moves in the coming days.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  We won't spend today dealing with a non-event like yesterday's David Carr press conference.  However, I'd imagine some news will come down the pike in regards to some of the available names out there.  While the 49ers haven't inked any of their own guys, we've still got plenty of news in the meantime.  Tony Pashos appears to be the most active 49er free agent as he has visited the Redskins, and is now off to check out the Browns.  Pashos is only 29 and will be looking to start somewhere.  He has a good chance to start with the 49ers, but I'd imagine he would see the writing on the wall when/if the 49ers draft an offensive tackle early in the upcoming draft.

Anyways, we'll see what goes down today and into the coming week.  For now, feel free to wager on the over/under on number of drunken posts from me in Cabo.