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Golden Nuggets: Mistake free?

Morning everyone, hope all is well and here's to hoping I don't make any more mistakes today. I've already had to backspace once or twice in these first two sentences alone, seems Ninjames has his head screwed on backwards as of lately. I mean, I missed a post yesterday, had a bunch of spelling mistakes and even linked to a random girl on MySpace instead of a Niners-relevant link. I'm seriously on a role. So I can't seem to think straight, so if I miss a link, how about posting it in the comments for everyone else? Thanks muchly. As far as links go, the 49ers are being incredibly quiet in free agency so I'm sure I don't have much in the way of links, but I'll do what I can. Enjoy.

Carr ended up making the bay area reporters waiting... as well as the rest of us 49ers fans. That was quite the thread yesterday, folks. (

Here's the thread in question, by the way. It was a good one. (

I suppose it does under certain circumstances make sense for the 49ers to get David Carr, but I don't have to happy about it, do I? Because I really, really don't want to be. I don't like the idea of two former 1st overall picks at the same position on the team... when that position requires only one of them on the field at once. (

The team is definitely more comfortable with Alex Smith as the number one QB. (

Tony Pashos is as good as gone. Good riddance, I didn't like the guy anyway. (

No deal on David Carr yet, other teams appear to be interested. (