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Golden Nuggets: Riveting free agency period, this one.

Mornin', folks. So yesterday the 49ers agreed to terms with free agent QB David Carr, in a movie scientists are calling 'lame'. I'm neutral toward the move. I suppose it makes sense for Carr to be the backup so the offense doesn't have to change if Alex Smith goes down to injury, but at the same time Shaun Hill is a winner. He's proven that when he steps into a game situation from a backup role that he can win. I guess the fact that I also like Hill as a person is swaying my judgement, though. As far as links go, I don't have many but I'll post what I have. As always, let me know if I've missed a link by posting it in the comments. I'm in a hurry so I'm going to jump right into them.

As stated, QB David Carr signed with the 49ers just yesterday. Thoughts? (

Carr's arrival to the team spells trouble for backup Shaun Hill. I like Hill, and don't think the transition to Carr was necessary, but again I do understand for the most part. (

OT Tony Pashos signed with the Cleveland Browns yesterday as well. A lot of people on here wanted him to stick around, I'm fine with him gone. (

OT Jared Gaither could be the beginning of the second wave of free agency. I'd like the team to get him, but at the same time I'd much rather keep those first two picks and try and go after Jermon Bushrod instead. (

So the Seahawks are interested in working out QB Tim Tebow... Alright, then. (