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Golden Nuggets: In limbo


Morning folks. So free agency continues and the 49ers are still being quiet. If there's a second wave, I hope it goes down soon so I can feel like the Niners are improved in areas that will help them win games. I suppose Carr is an improvement, but only on the talent side of things as he won't be playing...providing everything goes as it should. Be it through injury or poor play, I don't think anyone want's to have to go through whatever it is they'd have to go through to see what David Carr has to offer the team. I'm of the opinion he has nothing, but then again I'm a jerk so who knows? Beyond that... got something about Willis and a school kid, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it isn't anything like Roethlisberger's re-emergence into the news. Something or other about a running back from the Raiders I don't care about, and that should round out your links. Should be plenty today, enjoy.

Shaun Hill is in limbo with the team right now. (

He is staying put for now, though. I am a bit worried about what's going on in the locker room. Could you imagine it? The destruction of a team based on a backup quarterback. Bizarre. (

bit more about QB David Carr and how he's changed over the years. Still not going to be jumping for joy over him. (

An article about Patrick Willis surprising an elementary school student as part of the NFL's take a player to school program. I suppose it's bad that when I first read that headline all that came into my head was number fifty-two blindsiding an elementary school child for a six yard loss, isn't it? I suppose it's worse that the next thing that popped into my head was the Brad Smith hit but without Brad Smith... don't even let me continue. (

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WR Arnaz Battle is signing a deal with the Steelers. I liked the guy, but he was just too frustrating this past season and I don't think he has much more to offer. (

The bit about Raiders RB Justin Fargas visiting the 49ers isn't confirmed yet, but the two sides have apparently spoken over the phone. (

Here's something from Kawakami about David Carr, but I stopped reading after he likened it to the Kurt Warner courtship last season. (

I don't agree with it, but one writer's opinion is that the 49ers should be after FS Darren Sharper. (

A bit more about how the quarterback situation is affected with the signing of Carr. (