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Golden Nuggets: Whoops

Morning everyone. I'm starting these Nuggets about ten minutes before they're supposed to be started, so I imagine that they will be a bit late, and I apologize for that.. It also means that I can't rant on, so you're spared random thoughts about my day and most of my opinions. I should have a good amount of links for you today, so let's get right to them, I'll do my best to weed out any repeats while I'm in a massive hurry. Enjoy.

Here's an article about DL Ricky Jean-Francois, a guy who spent all of his time playing nose tackle during the two days of OTAs. He just seems.. ludicrously small for the position. (

Here's more on that, from the Chronicle. (

TMZ is reporting that that the 49ers are a strong possibility for a landing spot for Donovan McNabb. I know, it's TMZ, they probably have less credibility than P--.. nah, I'm not that mean. (

There's more developments in the 49ers stadium plans, I just have trouble following it because... well, I really am not interested, but it had something to do with a new hotel tax that is passing right now. (

The team announced its 2010 preseason schedule. Games against the Vikings and the Colts? Bring it. (

Sando discusses some things concerning offensive tackles for the upcoming draft. I think Sando is one of the best writers as far as 49ers/NFC West goes, but I do hate it when it's very clear that he has a Seahawks bias, considering (I think) he used to cover the team exclusively. (

He also has an NFC West draft watch. (

The 49ers are now releasing tickets for their 2010 draft party. I'm going, should be great. (

Kawakami has some notes on the QBs and the 49ers GM change. (