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Golden Nuggets: Talking about everything but the 49ers.

Morning all, Ninjames here. Thanks to Fooch for covering for me on the Nuggets yesterday. Let me start off by saying I absolutely love Rich Eisen. They have a lot of great people at the NFL Network but Rich Eisen is seriously the second best human on the planet. I love the setup he gave Donovan McNabb. He talked about a "certain big name free agent wide receiver" and whether or not McNabb would play with him again. McNabb got all serious and Rich said "I of course mean Kevin Curtis." I absolutely lost it and you could tell McNabb was about to deliver a really, really hard to say "yeah.. sure" when he thought TO's name was gonna come up. Man. Great stuff. But oh yeah, we're a 49ers blog huh? Uh... I was too busy finishing up my second round mock and watching the Sharks/Warriors/UFC 112/Giants to think about the 49ers. UFC 112 was awful, by the way. Well, I've sufficiently ranted, let's see what I got for you.

Maiocco answers some questions from his readers and talks about the 49ers need (or lack thereof) at the wide receiver position going into the draft. (

A bit I didn't read yet, but it's a piece on Trent Baalke and doing things "his way." (

Who knows what's going to happen with NFC West quarterbacks? Not I, said the ninny jimjam thing. ( [this Nugget inserted by LondonNiner]

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Sando has another large mailbag post in his NFC West column. (

It sure would be nice for the 49ers to get the best returner in the draft. They definitely need one, and bad. (

Hey guys, check it out, it's an article from me, and it's not random thoughts, it's actually coherent and readable! Honest! Alex Smith set to take a beating in 2010. (

OLB Arthur Moats is slated to visit the 49ers some time next week. (

At the Ram's community mock draft, the 49ers went with Anthony Davis of Rutgers with their 17th pick. I approve. For what it's worth, the Eagles had 'em doing it to. I know that just about everyone is doing these so I'm not going to link them all, I just happened to be over there. (

The the rival Seahawks would draft if they drafted based on need. (

Something pretty cool, one of the writers for our resident Cardinals blog got to meet and work out with WR Larry Fitzgerald. Here's the post about the meeting and here's the post about the interview. (

He's been "an option" for the 49ers at 13 I suppose, but it's an interesting article on QB Jimmy Clausen regardless. Is he really more pro ready because of the offense at Notre Dame? (