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Golden Nuggets: Lack of links

Morning everyone. Ninjames here, feeling good with the Giants and Warriors win yesterday. I don't have a whole lot for you as far the 49ers go, though. Nothing really happened and nothing is supposed to happen any time soon, so I'll post up whatever links I've got. Doing nothing but making mock draft after mock draft, waiting until the draft party, wondering why the Steelers let Holmes go for such a price. Well actually, I know why they did, but that was a huge steal. Anyway, gonna get to your links.

The 49ers are holding their local pro day soon. I can live without all of these players. (

A bit about both sides of the 49ers Santa Clara stadium deal. For and against. (

Here's a bit more on that. (

Bulaga or Haden? The pick absolutely has to be Bulaga. (