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Golden Nuggets: Not my fault!

Gooood morning everyone. Ninjames here and I'm feeling great. You had no Nuggets yesterday, but it wasn't my fault. I'm not going to point any fingers or anything so... Fooch did it. It's all his fault. That being said, I'm doing this a bit early so if I post a couple older things, don't kill me it's not my fault! In fact, nothing is. I am completely exempt from blame. So, I don't have very many links for you but I've got what I could find. Some bits about Baas, things of that nature, so without further ado I'll just get right to them. Enjoy, folks.

LG David Baas signed his one year tender. Good signing, I think he'll surprise people and do well. (

Here's the audio from Alex Smith on KNBR recently. I love how he wouldn't say "yes" to needing an offensive tackle. That will keep the teams' opinion of him high. Don't throw anyone under the bus. (

Joe Haden is an ideal 49ers cornerback, but there is a little "although" to consider. (

The draft is not the only place the 49ers can acquire safety help. (

There's more litigation pending in the 49ers stadium plan. Ouch. (

So Jerry Rice is set to make his pro golf debut. Uh... cool? (