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Jimmy Clausen asks, "Do you want Jimmy on the 49ers?"

Over the past week or so, more and more mock drafts have been suggesting the 49ers will grab Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen in next week's draft, most likely with the 17th pick. MM discussed it briefly in a series of tweets in which he said he wasn't projecting Clausen to the 49ers, but that it wasn't necessarily out of the realm of possibility.

Given the increased chatter about Clausen, I thought it was time to get a bead on the pulse of 49ers fans as far as Jimmy Clausen is concerned. Personally, when I think of anybody named Jimmy, I automatically think of the Seinfeld episode involving "Jimmy." But seriously, as a proponent of the 49ers current group of QBs (for now at least) and understanding the team's more immediate needs, I don't see the team using such a high pick on the position.

At the same time, I suppose nothing should really surprise me at this point. After the jump we try and figure out the range of emotions for us fans.

Given the chance that Clausen could end up on the 49ers (however remote some might think), I want to know if there is any instance in which you'd be happy or content with the 49ers drafting Clausen? I had considered including a poll, but there are so many potential poll options that I'd rather just let people discuss it in the comments.

However, in thinking things over, I had an idea. I'd imagine the two book-end reactions to potentially drafting Clausen would be:

  1. I'd be happy if they drafted Clausen in the first round, no matter what else happened
  2. I'd be pissed off if they drafted Clausen in the first round, no matter what else happened.

When I say "no matter what else happened," I basically mean, you either want Clausen at some point in the first round, or you don't. It's not a matter of what pick, it's just a matter of drafting him or not drafting him. Those are obviously two extreme positions, so everything else arguably falls somewhere in between there.

Personally I wouldn't be pissed at the move, but I'd be a bit frustrated with it. So I'm leaning much closer to 2 than 1, but not all the way to full-on anger. For others, you might be fine with the Clausen pick-up, but only if certain players were not available at 13 or 17. Or maybe you'd only be happy if the 49ers used their 17th pick on Clausen (meaning, if they used #13, you'd be pissed off). As you can see, there are virtually an infinite number of reactions to this in the context of this post.

This probably sounds more complicated than it really is, but hopefully folks understand what kind of discussion I'm looking for. Basically, if the 49ers ended up with Clausen, what, if anything, would have to be involved to make you happy about the move?