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Golden Nuggets: Whoops.

Morning folks. I did the Nuggets last night, and I could have sworn that I scheduled them. I can't be sure, I suppose, but I'm pretty sure it was lost somewhere in the infinite void of scheduled posts that never make it to the front. Either way, I woke up at 5 AM and noticed that they're not up, so I figured I'd put them together quickly for you as it's still relatively early. I don't know what I've got for you, but I'll put this together as quickly as I can. There's a bit about the 49ers local pro day and things of that nature. So here's your links, enjoy folks.

Here's a bit about the 49ers local pro day and evaluating the local talent. (

A good number of big-name players aren't expected at the local pro day. That's not what it's for. (

LB Travis LaBoy began working out for NFL teams and the 49ers are on the top of his list. (

Spiller could be the guy to ignite the 49ers offense. (

Ravens GM has said there have been no trade talks for Jared Gaither. I don't want him on the 49ers. (

I am pretty interested where Dez Bryant will be landing, visiting teams from the Broncos to our own 49ers.(

If you didn't here, Baas signed his one-year tender offer. Good stuff. (