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49ers looking for kids to be junior co-host of 49ers Total Access

Normally I don't post a ton of the community relations stuff the 49ers are doing. As fans we're mostly looking for the hard football information. However, given the fact that some of you have kids, or might even be kids yourself, I thought this was worth posting.

The 49ers have their Total Access show, and now they're developing a 49ers Total Access Jr. show. I don't know how many parents we have here, or how many kids we have, but it's something worth checking out. The team is looking for a young co-host, girl or boy, between the ages of 12 and 16, who will report on all things pertaining to the San Francisco 49ers including, but not limited to: interviews with players, football 101 basics, behind the scenes access to the team, and involvement with NFL franchise partnerships such as Pop Warner. No prior acting experience is necessary.

To apply, kids need to submit an original video (no longer than 1 minute) telling the 49ers why they would make a great co-host of 49ers Total Access Jr. All submissions require an entry form which a parent or legal guardian must complete and sign. To enter please visit:

By entering the contest the child becomes a member of the 49ers Kids' Club. The winner will be a co-host for all eight episodes scheduled to air during the 2010 season, and will also receive four (4) 2010 San Francisco 49ers Season Tickets!

I'd imagine they'll get a ton of applicants, but if a person can win this that'd be a pretty sweet prize.