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Golden Nuggets: Due diligence?

Mornin', everyone. The draft is getting closer and I'm getting way too excited. The draft party should be very fun and I can't wait for it. Last year it was awesome, this year I'm hoping to actually get some autographs and what not. How many people here are going to go? If you're lucky you'll spot me--I'm only gonna be you know, the tallest guy there. Anyway, I've got a few links from you. Again, there's not really any news coming out of 49erland right now but there is a fair bit of speculation going around with mock drafts and what the 49ers draft board looks like. So I'll get to 'em. Enjoy.

Here's an article where I... wonder if the guy watched any 49ers games last season. I don't know, I just don't understand some of the statement. Either way, it's about the 49ers and their needs. (

Roger Craig urges RB Rank Gore to accept the idea of sharing carries. I agree, he really should. I don't want any selfish players on the team. (

The 49ers don't have a particular method to their board as far as best player available and drafting based on need goes. It will come down to a combination of the two. (

Here's a summary of the media conference with acting GM Trent Baalke. (

Is Iupati worth taking with the 17th overall pick? I don't think so. A lot of people here will attack me for that but, it's just my gut feeling and that's something no amount of arguing will change. (

Another guy is saying the 49ers will take Clausen if he's there. I'm not so sure. (

Here's Sando's mock draft. Nothing new here. (