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49ers Ted Ginn Jr Trade: The man speaks

As just about everybody knows, the 49ers acquired WR Ted Ginn Jr. from the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a 5th round draft pick in next week's draft. As is the custom with newly acquired players, Ted Ginn Jr. spoke with the media on a conference call. In looking over the transcript, Ginn really seems quite excited about getting out of Miami. He seems psyched to be a 49er, but I think he was so beaten down in Miami, that he could have gone to the Raiders and been excited.

Ginn appears ready for any role, and seems to realize special teams is where he's likely to see a lot of time. He wants to prove he can be a strong receiver in this league, but I think he knows his weaknesses. It will be interesting to see how this young group of wide receivers develops. The battle for playing time between Ginn, Jason Hill and Brandon Jones will be especially interesting.

On his reaction when he found out he was being traded to the 49ers:

"A great team. A great coach. I know a couple guys, so I was just excited to be a 49er. It's a great tradition and there are some great people that came from there. So, I'm happy to be there."

On whether there's a sense of relief that he's out of Miami:

"I wouldn't say a sense of relief, but it's always good to have a new start. Coming out to the 49ers gives me a brand new start. Leaving Miami, I don't hold any grudges, no bad feelings about anything. My time was up there. I enjoyed it there and now it's time to move on."

More comments from Ginn after the jump...

On whether the writing was on the wall when Miami acquired WR Brandon Marshall:

"I didn't really know that. I couldn't say when we picked up Brandon Marshall, I knew I was gone. I couldn't really say that. When we got the trade, I was happy. Another guy coming into the Miami Dolphins. In the same sentence, if you know the game, you know the business, then you know you are up for anything."

On the first time he spoke with Head Coach Mike Singletary about the trade:

"He called me earlier today."

On what Singletary said to his role would be:

"He didn't really tell me how he envisioned me right now. He just said that he was happy that I was coming to the 49ers. It was a great situation for him and me and let's get down there and let's get with it."

On whether he was surprised that Miami gave up on him so soon:

"I know it's a game and I know it's a business. I guess they just wanted a new start for them and for me. There's no bad blood. It's the best decision for both of us and we moved on."

On how open he is to returning punts again:

"I'm very open. That's one of the things that I like to do. Special teams-wise, as far as kickoffs and punt returns, that's me. I just feel that's another way that I can get the ball in my hands and make plays for my team."

On why he didn't field many punt returns the past two seasons:

"I really can't tell you, sir."

On it not being his decision:

"No, not at all."

On what jobs he may be competing for with the team:

"We haven't really talked about depth charts, or playing time or anything like that. They are welcoming me with open arms and I'm going to come in and just compete and be the player that I am. Let my play talk for itself."

On whether he sees himself as just a specialist or becoming an elite receiver in this league:

"I think I can be an elite receiver. I don't' think that I fell off at all. I just believe that special teams is one of the assets that I have in my game. I'm just going to come in and do both."

On whether he's worked out with TE Vernon Davis in Miami and his thoughts on joining the offensive playmakers on the team:

"I didn't really work out with Vernon. I've seen him a couple of times. We've hung out, but that's about it. I'm just going to come to the 49ers and just show them what I've got."

On whether the change in the front office was part of the problem with him not getting the role that he wanted:

"Sir, I really don't know. We came in with a new coaching staff two years ago, I showed them what I have. I was a starter. It wasn't like I wasn't getting any playing time or things like that. I came in, I did what I did. I enjoyed my time there in Miami."

On whether he will be joining the team to participate in the offseason workout program:

"Yes, sir."

On when he will head out here:

"Whenever they send for me."

On whether he's been taking part in the Dolphins offseason work program:

"I haven't missed a day."

On the pressures that came attached to being a first round draft pick:

"It's a lot of pressure, going out and being the big guy, they expect for you to come out and be the guy. Sometimes it takes two or three years to get yourself in tune to the NFL. Being a first rounder, it really doesn't make the person. You just have to go out, learn the system, learn the game and you become the player you become as you grow in the league."

On whether he thinks they would have been more patient with him if he were picked later in the first round:

"Yes, it could go both ways. Sometimes you come out and you are right on target, like you never came out of college. Sometimes it just takes you two or three years to get in tune to it."

On how familiar he is with the 49ers offense:

"Yes, I know a couple guys. I'm not all the way in tune with their offense. I know they like to throw the ball around. I played them once last year and that's all I really know until I get down there and get into the system and figure out what's going on."

On the players he knows on the 49ers:

"I know [WR] Jason Hill, [CB] Nate Clements, [T] Alex Boone out there. They've got [TE] Vernon Davis. Those are the couple of guys that I do know. [LB] Patrick Willis, we came out together. There's a couple guys out there that are going to show me around. "

On whether Oakland Raiders DE Jay Richardson is going to help him find a place to live:

"I hope so. I really don't know."

On Singletary's comments on his potential:

"It's great. I'm glad that they have that type of potential for me. I'm just going to come in and try to live up to those expectations. "