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Golden Nuggets: Showering you with links.

Good morning everyone. You were about to get your Nuggets with me being incredibly angry and depressed. However, the Sharks pulled it off in overtime against the Avalanche and I've determined that I don't have to murder Evgeni Nabokov. Some of you have no idea what I'm talking about, but man am I stoked right now. That game was ridiculously close, but I suppose I need to shift back into NIners mode. The team traded for Ted Ginn from the Miami Dolphins and I'll say that I'm "pretty kind of sort of fine" with it. In other words, I really don't have a problem with the trade but I have to wonder if the team passes up someone they shouldn't in the draft because of it. I'll see what links I have for you, well done on the thread yesterday, that was crazy. Enjoy your links, folks.

Yes, the 49ers acquired Ted Ginn Jr. from the Dolphins for a fifth round selection. Ginn was a former first round pick, coming out in the same year as Patrick Willis and going ahead of him. (

Ginn is excited about getting a chance to return punts, he says that it's just another way to get his hands on the ball. It's certainly a good thing that he believes in himself. (

Here's the audio from the conference call with Ginn and the media. (

The thing I'm most concerned with is how this move will effect the 49ers draft, if at all. Do they pass up certain players now? Does the constant battle of BPA vs need become a little more in BPA's favor when it comes down to it? (

The 49ers are eying a few OLBs for the draft and free agency. (

Baalke's direction in the draft is being left purely up to speculation. We're not sure just yet how he feels about... anything. He speaks in perfect GM-speak. (

Sando thinks that Ginn instantly solves all of the 49ers return issues. I certainly hope so. (

One of the NFL Network's biggest tools (sorry I really dislike this guy), Brian Baldinger said that trading for Ted Ginn is logical for the 49ers. (

Ginn is ready for a "new start." Let's hope so. (

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. thinks the move could end up being a home run for the 49ers. I'm getting a little more excited about this deal. (

Here's an article that... while it makes a point, it seems like one of those "hey look at me" things more than anything. Still, it is a thought, McCloughan really did well for the 49ers. How will they fare without a "true" GM? I don't know anything about Baalke and therefore I don't really trust him. (

Indeed, some players shouldn't be allowed to use Twitter. Welcome to the team, Teddy. You mad? (

Can Ted Ginn be Willie Gault? How obscure. (

Here's some more thoughts from Roger Craig and a bit about Baalke's GM-speak. (

Hm, here is a thought. Would McCloughan have made the trade for Ginn? Or is it only happening because Baalke is the new point man? (

Kawakami loves being wrong, so he just saved all of you Clausen haters a whole lot of whining by saying that the team will pick him if he's there. (

Just for kicks, a draft spotlight on Clausen. (

May as well check out what they had to say over at the Dolphins blog. (

They aren't stoked about the Ginn trade over at our resident Cardinals blog. I love reading this stop. I feed off it. I HUNGER MOOORE MOOOORE. Ok sorry. (

Over at the Rams blog, they take a look at the fact that Bradford is unwilling to sign a contract before the draft. Yeah, I wouldn't take that. There is seriously zero reason to take a guy who you can negotiate with yet have him refuse to. (

Trade talk is heating up with the rival Rams and their first overall pick. (

The 'Hawks signed wide receiver Reggie Williams. (

Why the heck not, stumbled across this and there's mentions of more than a couple 49ers in ESPN's five greatest draft classes. (

The NCAA recently approved a wedge-blocking proposal to eliminate it for player safety. Just an interesting tidbit. (