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Golden Nuggets: So stoked.

Good morning everyone. Yesterday we had out final community mock draft and I participated for the first time. I feel like I made some good picks, tried to be a little entertaining and channeling Raiders' owner Al Davis. Boy, do you know how hard that is to do? I guess it was a little unfair, I could pick horrible picks and I'd still get an A grade as the Raiders. Anyway, we're just a few days away from the NFL draft and I urge all of you to check back here constantly in the upcoming draft week. We've got several posts going up each day, we'll have plenty of coverage, I may get in on the front page mix outside of my Nuggets, all plenty of good stuff. Heck, yesterday I had 24 links in the Nuggets, and I hope to get as many as I can today. So enjoy the links and let's hope for a good draft, shall we? Maybe something like the mock we played out yesterday. I'd be happy with that.

Here's the results of our community mock from yesterday, in case you were interested. (

Lowell Cohn says the 49ers would be nuts to draft a QB. I'm inclined to agree based on his points, even if the way he illustrates them is almost unbearable. (

I'd just like to get some more thoughts on this before the draft. How do you guys feel about Baalke having the trigger? To me, there's absolutely zero reason to feel good about the guy, but I don't think there's any reason to feel bad about him either. I'm just cautious to feel anything about this draft. For all we know this guy is Al Davis incarnate. (

Barrows continues to look at some of the players that are likely to be on the 49ers roster come the end of day one. This one is on NT Dan Williams, a guy I wouldn't mind being on the team. (

So even is reporting the bit about the 49ers likely picking Clausen if he's available. I certainly hope not. (

Trent Baalke expects at least four of the players drafted this season to become starters. Not necessarily immediate starters, but starters nonetheless. (

I do wonder how much Ted Ginn can contribute as a wide receiver. I have to figure he'll be on occasionally and maybe draw some deep coverage away from a guy like Vernon Davis to break deep or a guy like Michael Crabtree to run a great route. (