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100 in 100: Vladimir Ducasse (97 of 100)



Vladimir Ducasse was born in third world Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He's only lived in the United States for seven years but has accomplished a lot in just a short amount of time. He attended Stamford High School in Connecticut. Coming out of high school Ducasse was considered a top notch prospect and was being recruited by some of the larger name schools. However, Ducasse got the best feeling from the University of Massachusetts and made the decision to attend there.

Sometimes in college football players have to make transitions from one position to another because of their skill-sets. Vladimir Ducasse played the tackle position his junior year and gave up only six sacks, the least in the Colonial Athletic Association for that season. However, with his skill-set, he will more than likely make the transition to be a guard in the NFL; although there is a relevant percentage that we could see him playing tackle someday in the near future.

Ducasse struggled a bit here and there the week leading up to the 2010 Senior Bowl, and didn't have the best of games. But the game took place just after a major earthquake took the lives of many in his hometown of Port-au-Prince, where he had many relatives living.

Overall, Ducasse is a relatively good prospect. He is a bit rough around the edges and will have to work diligently at the next level to be a success.

Below, we will look at some highlights and I'll provide a projection on where I think Ducasse will end up being selected. 


Here are some highlights/lowlights from Ducasse at the Senior Bowl. He is playing left tackle in this video. He is wearing number 72 and has a white helmet to help you follow along. 



  • 2008 All-CAA First Team
  • 2009 All-CAA First Team
  • 2009 FCS All-American First Team




Ducasse is very athletic for his size and possesses good agility. His lateral movement is where it needs to be. However, his problem is that sometimes he will take bad angles to get himself in good position to make and hold a block. When he is sure of his assignments though, he absolutely annihilates the opposition. Ducasse does not have the years and years of football background as most prospects do and I think that is being considered amongst some NFL Teams. He is a bit rough around the edges but I believe that he has what it takes to have success in the NFL for years and years to come. He measured in at 6'4" and weighed 332 LBS at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine.

Possibilities -- 2nd Round: Picks 33-64, 3rd Round: Picks 65-98.

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