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49ers sign LB Ahmad Brooks to 2-year contract

The 49ers just announced they have signed linebacker Ahmad Brooks to a 2-year contract. Dollar terms were not announced. Brooks had previously received an upgraded second round tender as a restricted free agent. He had signed a waiver to participate in practice, but obviously that is now a moot point.

I have to say I think I like this kind of deal. The team got great play from him for a sizable chunk of 2009, but they still don't know what they have in Brooks long term. A 2-year deal allows them to see what else he can bring to the table, and it allows Brooks to really boost up his value. Down the road, the team could potentially extend him further, or Brooks will have the opportunity to test unrestricted free agency. Whatever the dollar amount ends up being, I think this is a win-win contract.

For wjackalope. Freakish athleticism from Ahmad Brooks.