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2010 49ers/NFL Schedule Release Open Thread

Fooch's Update: I've posted the official schedule.

This is an incredibly busy week for the NFL, with the NFL Draft coming up on Thursday for the first time in primetime. However, for some reason, the release of the schedule was bumped back a little bit. Today is the latest the schedule has been released in quite some time. Nonetheless, the day is here when we find out when the 49ers will be playing in primetime, when potential winning/losing streaks could occur, and all sorts of other juicy nuggets. The information we get today and through the weekend will be what propels our engine through the rest of the offseason.

At this point we know a couple of things. First, we know the 49ers will be playing the Denver Broncos in London on October 31. Second, we can be fairly certain they'll be playing an East Coast opponent the week prior, which would likely mean the Falcons. Third, they should have a bye week the week after the London game. Finally, the NFL is scheduling all divisional games for Week 17. If I was a betting man, I'd bet on the 49ers playing the Cardinals that final week.

Once the schedule is released at 4pm, I'll have a new post up with the 49ers 2010 schedule. Discussion in this thread can continue about the rest of the schedule, but for the 49ers schedule, we'll use the new thread for discussion. I'll post a link here and in the comments, probably around 4:15. Please use this thread and the thread with the official schedule for discussion the schedule (as opposed to additional FanPosts).

Niners Nation will of course have plenty of coverage, but you can find additional information all across the Internet, and most notably at They've created interactive pages for each team that provide all sorts of random information. Here's the 49ers page.

The NFL Network will be airing the schedule release, but for those who don't get the Network, ESPN2 will also be airing the release.