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Golden Nuggets: Stupid excited

Good morning, folks. The draft is now only a couple days away and I'm getting like... stupid excited. Going to the draft party, going to get there way early this time and hope I can get some stuff signed. Even if I don't, it's a great time, I hope something crazy happens like last season. Today, I have a few links for you but not a ton. Got another mock drafts from one of the beat writers, I have some more look at draft needs because you can never read that too many times, right? Got a chat in which the four big beat writers participated and yeah, things of that nature. Just submitted my first round mock to Fooch though so far I've done five rounds. Uh... that's about all the rambling I've got for you today, what I'm going to do is concentrate on the Sharks game and try not to murder someone.

Here's Dumb Guy Mock Draft 3.0, in his words. Maiocco tries his hand at a mock for the last time before this draft, I'm scratching my head at a few picks but who knows, stranger things have happened. (

I doubt we'll be seeing any of these locals on the team in 2010. I just don't really see it happening, especially the two running backs. (

So who would the 49ers rivals rather see in red and gold after draft day? And do the 49ers value Spiller less now that they have Ginn? (

So the Jimmy Clausen to the 49ers speculation continues. I really don't want it to happen, I'm not buying into the hype of Clausen and I don't see him being a very good quarterback in the NFL. (

Here's a transcript of the chat that went down at the Web Zone with four beat writers: Maiocco, Barrows, Lynch and Brown. I think it's pretty clear that Maiocco and Barrows are the top guys, Brown seems to not have a high opinion of the team at all, nor much of a clear idea of what he thinks. (

So, why not read more into the Clausen thing? If he's there, should the team take him? (

There is absolutely no other way to look at it: the 49ers need a right tackle. It's why I'm so OK with getting Anthony Davis if the top three are gone. The 49ers have nobody for the right tackle position, and this is a draft where everybody will be looking to accumulate more picks. So they either pick Davis, a guy who has a lot of upside, or they go in with a four man line. Saffold and Brown won't be around at their second round pick. (

Hey check that out, it's 49ers draft needs. Revelations all around. (

A problem the 49ers might welcome. (

Joe Nedney beat a robot in a kicking contest. ...Alright. (

If not Sam Bradford, then who do the Rams take? Who would be the best choice right now for them? (