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Golden Nuggets: Likin' it.

Good morning everyone. The schedule was released yesterday and I'm frothing at the mouth. One thing I absolutely love is the trash talking from one Darnell Dockett. A lot of people don't like it, but it's getting me pumped. I think Dockett is an awesome guy, he's funny, and our guys like and respect him when it all comes down to it. When I read him talking smack on Twitter I feel like I'm right there in front of him, dishing it out, nodding and saying "Oh yeah, we'll see." I've managed to throw a couple things his way from my Twitter, and I'm hoping I get a response. Either way, Fooch should have a in-depth/semi in-depth look at the schedule next week and I'm going to see if I can't get in on that action because I have A TON of thoughts on the matter. I'm typing this up a bit early because there's a huge storm that could mean my power getting knocked out, so let's get right to your links.

Here is the 49ers schedule from, I love how this turned into this huge event. It got me pumped. The only thing I don't like about this schedule is the 49ers going to play the Pack on the road two seasons in a row. I'd like it if they came back here. (

Maiocco takes a quick look at the schedule. (

The team signed OLB Travis LaBoy to a one year deal. I like the deal, I seriously think he can come in and contribute barring injury. (

Barrows says that the team must be road warriors this coming season, based on the early and late road games. I agree. (

LaBoy should be a decent to good pass rusher for the team. (

The speculation continues, even the NFL network is reporting that the 49ers may be looking at Clausen in the first round. (

Over at Yahoo they have their Shutdown Corner mock draft. Here's part one and here's part two. (

Maiocco compares some of the defensive players in the draft, looking at the pass rush and the secondary. (

Tackles will be a hot commodity in the first round of the draft. (

Barrows looks at draft prospects yet again before "Draftmas". You're reaching, Bee-Rows. (

The way this guy writes really grates on me, but Kawakami again looks at the possibility of the 49ers getting Clausen, since he can't seem to write about anything else. It's like he gets an unpopular story and does nothing but write about it. (