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Golden Nuggets: It's here.

Morning folks. Today is the day. I'm so nervous as to what's going to happen with the 49ers. Will they make a trade? Will they draft smart? Does Trent Baalke know what he's doing? Will it be immediately evident that he should stay through next season or will it be immediate that he should be gone? There's many questions and I honestly can see all of them being answered when pick 13 rolls around. This team needs this draft to be good. If it is, they take the division and all is well. So let's cross our fingers, knock on wood, kill a rabbit or whatever it is that you're supposed to do. I've got to head to bed early so I can get up and head to the draft party early. Should be a great time. GO NINERS!


I really would hate to see Manny Lawson traded. I just think his potential hasn't been tapped yet, and I don't see anyone playing as well as he did for us last season who is currently on the roster. When Willis couldn't make a tackle, Lawson had the speed and angle to do so. Lawson could cover a tight end and a slot receiver very well. Lawson led the team in sacks. I'd just hate to see him go. The defense would lose an awful lot of speed on defense. (

look at recently signed linebacker LaBoy, the draft and the 49ers schedule. (

The Niners are getting plenty of primetime games, the team across the bay? No... they don't get so much. (

For anybody visiting for the first time, click on the link below to see the rest of the links which are posted daily. Stay tuned for plenty of coverage.

Maiocco has some offensive comparisons for draft day. (

Why not, yet another look at what to look for today. (

Just because I love it when some of you smash your heads into your keyboards in frustration. How's about a bit more on Clausen? (

The 49ers are at the mercy of 12 teams picking before them. Who will they get? (

Here's an early look at the 49ers upcoming schedule, without any real predictions. (

Baalke expects a big impact with this draft. Well, I certainly hope so. (

Barrows will have another one of his live chats tomorrow, be sure to check it out. (

Sando says Roethlisberger doesn't fit anywhere in the NFC West. (

Not the greatest of looks, but definitely another perspective of who the 49ers should draft in order of priority. (

I gotta wonder.. is Baalke ready for his first draft as a "GM"? (

Cohn "challenges" the 49ers to make a bold move. It's very easy to challenge them to do such a thing from your mountaintop, Cohn. Very easy. (

Wow this is a rather snobby article, I know the Darnell Dockett Twitter trash talk is a little excessive, but that's how it is. Don't say the guy is eleven because he talks like EVERYBODY DOES on Twitter considering... oh the character limit. Jesus. (