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Golden Nuggets: What a day.

What a first day that was. The draft party was great, but I'll spare you all the details. The 49ers ended up with two big, mean offensive lineman in the first round and I'm ecstatic. I think this is a huge message and a huge vote of confidence for Alex Smith. They believe in him to win now, and they support it by making sure he stays on his feet. Tomorrow we have rounds three and four and so long as this team drafts defense I think we'll be in great shape. The players who fell to the second look great, there are a ton of options and I think the 49ers come away with a bubble first round talent with their second rounder. It makes me wonder if the team is in the sweepstakes to trade up at 33 to get someone they might really like? That being said I have to add something else here because I promised someone I would--this is for the two guys in front of me who did nothing but talk crap for six hours--I can't wait until you fight and send me that video. Let's get on to your links for today, and get ready for an awesome second and third round. GO NINERS!!

The 49ers beefed up their offensive line in the first round of the draft, getting Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis. I think it's great. It's always nice to get an infusion of about 650-ish pounds into your line, right? (

Davis says he wants to be the best. I think that's very important. His biggest question was his work ethic, and I'll give him this chance to prove that it's really what he wants. (

Fooch compiled the transcripts from yesterday with Iupati, Davis, Singletary and Baalke and I'm going to go ahead and just link to that post since it's got it all. (

Maiocco is of the opinion that Baalke could have secured his place for the immediate future with the team as the top personnel man. I think I'm OK with that but I'll need to see what happens today. (

Barrows has his thoughts on the first day of the draft thusfar. (

Iupati brings a ton of power to this line. Well, not quite a ton but you get what I mean. I'm stoked for this guy. I'm getting a jersey like uh... right now. (

Each of the two picks took part in conference calls which I believe we have the transcripts for (above) but here's the audio from Davis and to listen to the audio for the Iupati call, just click it after listening to Davis because I can't seem to find a [site decorum] link for it. (

Here's some notes from the draft. The 49ers filled some holes... the Raiders didn't. (

The 49ers will get a starter in the second round. Baalke has said as much, that he's confident they can get one based on their board, and that if they had to move up--then that's what they'd do. I like it. He's a shark. (

Sando has some thoughts on the first round. (

I didn't read this just yet, but it's a look at the 49ers opponents week-by-week with some predictions. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. Wooh. It's just a transcript but I always link it. Deal with it. (