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2010 NFL Draft: Our First Round Mocks

Over the last week I had our various front page authors email me with their final mock drafts for the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. As I did last year, I included a table of the picks in our first couple of draft threads yesterday. I've posted that table after the jump, but this time I crossed out the incorrect picks and set the correct picks in bold.

I thought I'd lay out how folks did in their mocks. For a couple of the correct picks, a trade was involved. Nonetheless I still gave the individual for getting the slotted player correct, even if it was a different team. I also am adjusting for getting the team right, even with the wrong pick. So if someone had Ryan Mathews to the Chargers, they get credit even though the Chargers moved up up to get him.

Fooch: 5
howtheyscored: 5
wjackalope: 4
Ninjames: 5
Drew K: 6
smileyman: 4
Josh Branco: 4
urmext: 5
Andrew Davidson: 4
Sports Guy: 7
Bonzo the idiot monkey: 1

I used the Sports Guy's picks just because I wanted to include one random celebrity-type person. Among our writers, Drew K finished first. Even still, this shows just how hard it really is to accurately mock out even just the first round.

Team Fooch HTS wjack Ninjames Drew K smiley Josh B urnext Andrew D. Sports Guy Bonzo
STL Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford
DET Suh Suh Suh Suh Suh Okung Suh Suh Suh Suh T Williams
TB McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy Haden
WAS Okung Okung Okung Okung Okung Suh Okung Okung Okung Berry Kindle
KC Berry Berry Bulaga Bulaga Bulaga McClain T Williams Bulaga T Williams T Williams P-Paul
SEA T Williams T Williams T Williams Berry T Williams Bulaga Berry T Williams Morgan Okung McCoy
CLE Clausen Haden Berry Haden Berry Berry Bryant Berry Berry Bulaga D Williams
OAK Campbell Iupati Campbell T Williams Clausen Iupati Bulaga Campbell Campbell D Williams A Davis
BUF A Davis Clausen Clausen Clausen Haden Clausen Clausen A Davis Clausen A Davis Iupati
JAX Haden McClain E Thomas Morgan McClain Haden Morgan Spiller Haden Spiller Berry
DEN McClain Bryant McClain Bryant A Davis Bryant McClain Bryant McClain McClain Griffen
MIA Spiller Morgan D Williams P-Paul Spiller E Thomas D Williams D Williams E Thomas Morgan Bryant
SF Bulaga Bulaga Haden A Davis E Thomas Spiller Haden Haden Bulaga K Wilson Campbell
SEA Pouncey D Thomas Spiller Spiller Bryant Tebow Spiller Morgan Spiller E Thomas Okung
NYG Iupati A Davis W-spoon McClain Iupati S Lee Graham McClain K Wilson Iupati Spiller
TEN Graham Graham P-P K Wilson Morgan Morgan K Wilson P-Paul Bryant P-Paul Bulaga
SF E Thomas Spiller A Davis D Williams Graham Graham A Davis Iupati Mays Bryant Clausen
PIT K Wilson K Wison Iupati McCourty D Thomas K Wilson Iupati K Wilson Iupati Pouncey Cody
ATL P-Paul Kindle Morgan Graham W-spoon Gresham P-Paul Graham Griffen Graham Mathews
HOU McCourty E Thomas K Wilson E Thomas Wilson Mathews E Thomas E Thomas McCourty Haden Hughes
CIN Gresham P-Paul Mays Mays Kindle Griffen Gresham Gresham Gresham Gresham Morgan
NE Bryant Odrick Kindle Mathews Mathews W-spoon Mathews Kindle P-Paul C Brown Pouncey
GB C Brown Campbell Graham Pouncey C Brown A Davis Tate C Brown A Davis K Jackson W-spoon
PHI Mays Mays Pouncey Iupati Mays Mays Mays K Jackson Kindle Tebow Mays
BAL D Williams K Jackson Gresham Odrick Hughes McCourty Kindle D Thomas D Williams Odrick P Robinson
AZ W-spoon Gresham Bryant W-spoon Gresham D Williams W-spoon W-spoon Graham Kindle K Wilson
DAL N Allen C Brown Odrick N Allen Tate T Williams C Brown Mays N Allen Mays Best
SD Gerhart Best Cody Cody D Williams Cody Cody Mathews Cody Mathews Benn
NYJ Hughes Tate Hughes Kindle Griffen Kindle Hughes Odrick Odrick Hughes E Thomas
MIN Tebow D Williams McCourty B Price McCourty Pouncey McCourty Clausen Robinson Clausen McClain
IND Saffold Saffold C Brown Saffold Pouncey B Price Odrick Pouncey Pouncey Saffold Odrick
NO Griffen W-spoon Griffen Hughes Washington Odrick Griffen Hughes B Price W-spoon B Price