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Golden Nuggets: So uh.. stick around, Mr. Baalke.

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. Day two of the NFL Draft is under wraps and the 49ers have two more players to add to their previous two first rounders, Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis. I was pretty pumped today, got to watch it from my house instead of being at the draft party and participate in the threads here and argue constantly. Was a fun time. Either way, we've got a lot of hits and things like that and I hope all of you new readers are as excited as I am. The 49ers have made three excellent selections and one that should be pretty solid. That, along with the Ted Ginn trade have to make Trent Baalke pretty successful thusfar, right? I'm OK with not pursuing another GM for the foreseeable future unless some huge name becomes available. Let's get to your links, folks.

Defense dominated day two as the 49ers took S Taylor Mays and LB Navorro Bowman. (

Fooch has compiled transcripts again, you can see all that was said officially from the 49ers head coach Mike Singletary and their four draft picks. (

Maiocco has some thoughts on the four new San Francisco 49ers. (

Taylor Mays expressed that he was unhappy by the fact that his former coach passed him up. (

Carrol's (his former coach) response is here, along with some thoughts from Fooch. Why not give your opinion? I personally love that Mays has this chip on his shoulder. (

Click on the link below to make the jump and see the full list of links..

Former 49ers great Ronnie Lott (whom I hear was no slouch in the secondary) thinks the Mays pick is "fantastic."( 

49ers offensive line coach Mike Solari is eager to tutor the new rookies. Good stuff. (

RB Frank Gore is pleased with the 49ers first round picks. I'm glad, Gore, just don't be stingy if we get a speed back for a change of pace. (

I think Taylor Mays is a perfect fit as a replacement for Michael Lewis. When it happens, it will be a seamless transition. (

Here's the audio from the conference call with Taylor Mays and here is the audio from the call with Bowman. (

Sando has a wrap-up of the first three rounds, of course with a focus on the NFC West. (

49ers greats Joe Montana and Jerry Rice topped the list of top all-time draft picks. Awesome. (

The Great America owners want Santa Clara to renegotiate the lease. Just another way to try and delay the stadium from being built. (

Should the 49ers draft a late round wideout? (