Official NN Undrafted Free Agent FanPost: Great Chance To Land Gems In UFA's

Fooch's Note: I decided to make this our official FanPost for discussing undrafted free agents. As the 49ers sign UDFAs I'll post it on the front page, but use this for all general discussion and wishlists. Please Rec this to get it up top. A useful link for UDFA updates is at KFFL.

CB Donovan Warren signed with the Jets
WR Freddie Barnes with Chicago
WR Donald Jones to the Bills
LB Mike McLaughin to the Ravens
S Chris Maragos to the Niners
OL Kevin Haslam to the Jags
WR Jeremy Williams to the Chargers
WR Mike Moore to Detroit
QB Jevan Snead to the Bucs
QB Jarret Brown with the Panthers
DE Brandon Lang to Detroit
TE Colin Peek to the Falcons
LB Jason Beauchamp to the Saints
FB Isaiah Greenhouse to the Texans
DB Josh Morris to the Ravens
WR Marcel Thompson to the Chargers
DE Ayanga Okpokowuruk to the Giants
WR Trent Guy to the Raiders
RB Quinn Porter to the Packers

As of right now, pick 19 in the 7th round, there are still quite a few great names sitting there. I'd like people to throw in here the UFA's that they now have their fingers crossed for.


Here's Mine:

1) Zac Robinson, QB

2) Lindsey Witten, DE

3) Freddy Barnes, WR

4) Stephan Virgil, CB

5) Shay Hodge, WR

6) Sean Canfield, QB (if no Zac Robinson)

7) Monase Tonga, FB (this is the kid that loves Gore right?)

8) LaGarette Blount, RB (even with character issues, for a UFA it's pretty damned good.)

9) Ciron Black, OT (purely for depth)

10) Chris Chancellor, CB

So those are my top 10, finger crossed, UFA's. What's yours?

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