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2010 NFL Undrafted Free Agents: LeGarrette Blount reportedly to sign with 49ers; additional reported signings

We've currently got a running thread providing updates on undrafted free agents, and where they end up around the NFL. In the meantime, as news comes in specifically related to the 49ers, we'll be getting it up on the front page.

I've moved all the details after the jump, and will post the latest "reported" 49ers signings here. Remember that until the 49ers send out an official press release, pen has not been placed to paper, so mostly we're basing this on the word of agents:

LeGarratte Blount, RB, Oregon
Chris Maragos, S, Wisconsin
LeRoy Vann, KR/PR/CB, Florida A&M
Patrick Stoudamire, CB, Western Illinois
Jared Perry, WR, Missouri
Jarrett Brown, QB, West Virginia
Shay Hodge, WR, Mississippi
Scott Long, WR, Louisville

Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount is going to sign with the 49ers as an undrafted free agent. I know a lot of folks really liked this kid, even after the opening week fight. That aside, he's an incredibly talented player and should provide some great competition in training camp for last year's 3rd round pick Glen Coffee, and this year's 6th round pick Anthon. Dixon.


Numerous sources have also begun reporting that the 49ers have signed undrafted free agent Chris Maragos, a safety out of Wisconsin. I generally check for info, but a Wisconsin news website is indicating Maragos' agent has informed them of the signing. The 49ers will make it official eventually, but we can get something up for now.

I did some searching and came across a couple scouting reports. The first was brief and from last month:

Chris Maragos put on an amazing display at his Pro Day that had scouts buzzing. He's moved himself into draft consideration.

I found more of a scouting report from back in December at Consensus Draft Services:

Heady and versatile. Can play offense, defense and valuable on special teams. Just enough size, speed and nastiness to be considered a FS prospect at the next level. Big play hitter and solid tackler. Emotional leader who gives good effort on every snap.

Not real big, and can not play the enforcer role at the next level. Average in pass defense despite adequate technique and understanding of what the opponent is trying to do. Looks like a career nickel back and backup if he makes a roster.

Update: Matt Maiocco is reporting the 49ers have signed Florida A&M return man LeRoy Vann. Here are his return stats for his career (kick returns and punt returns)

2006 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0.0 0
2007 3 34 11.3 0 1 9 9.0 0
2008 37 1,101 29.8 3 29 464 16.0 3
2009 40 818 20.5 0 29 569 19.6 5
Totals 80 1,953 24.4 3 59 1,042 17.7 8


Update: Barrows is reporting that the agent for Western Illinois CB Patrick Stoudamire has said Stoudamire signed with the 49ers. FFToolbox has some details:

Stoudamire's size and quick feet are very intriguing. He lacks the flashy statistics and does not have the experience playing against top tier competition, but he boasts the natural skills and necessary attitude to at least be a reserve corner in the NFL. He is a mid rounder, possible in the later part of the fourth or early fifth round range.

Update: Someone from the Galveston Daily News is tweeting the 49ers have signed Jared Perry, WR, Missouri. Take it with a grain of salt until confirmed by a more known source. Here are Perry's numbers at Mizzou:

2006 13 37 429 11.6 3
2007 14 13 152 11.7 0
2008 14 41 567 13.8 4
2009 11 46 696 15.1 6
Totals 52 137 1,844 13.5 13


Update: Maiocco is reporting Drew Rosenhaus is stating that West Virginia QB Jarrett Brown agreed to a deal with the 49ers. Here's a scouting report:

What makes Brown an NFL prospect is his size. At 6-4 and 221 pounds, he has the look and arm strength of an NFL quarterback. With his elusiveness, he becomes even more valuable. The problem is he has only started one season and has not exactly taken the college football world by storm. Brown could develop into a dynamic quarterback, but no team will take a chance on him too early in the draft; though he is definitely worth a pick in the later rounds.

Update: A few twitter feeds have the 49ers signing WR Shay Hodge out of Ole Miss. FFToolbox had the following to say back in January:

Hodge has been clocked under 4.5 in the 40-yard dash and he has decent size at 6'1'' and 207 pounds. He is by no means an athletic freak of nature, but he consistently gets the job done by being physical at the line of scrimmage and catching almost anything that is in his near vicinity. Furthermore, Hodge is rock-solid both on and off the field and he will enter the NFL with no red flags whatsoever -- not even with any kind of injury history. As a result, Hodge should see his name go off the board sometime on Day 2 of the upcoming draft, perhaps as early as round four.

Update: Scott Long had a very solid showing at the combine, but it wasn't enough to get him signed. Here are his career stats:

2006 9 0 0 0.0 0
2007 12 27 358 13.3 0
2008 3 11 201 18.3 2
2009 12 53 727 13.7 2
Totals 36 91 1,286 14.1 4