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Golden Nuggets: What a draft. I approve.

Good morning everyone. The 2010 NFL Draft is officially over and the 49ers have snagged themselves a couple of good players, to be modest about it. If you're new to the site, I urge you to stick around during the offseason. We've still got plenty of undrafted free agent signings, the signing of rookie contracts, building the roster of 53 and so much more this offseason and the coverage here at Niners Nation will be top notch. The 49ers already grabbed a few undrafted free agents and thusfar the general outlook here has been very positive. Our division rival the Seattle Seahawks have had themselves a pretty good draft and I have to say they scare me a little bit, but I can't see the 49ers not winning the NFC West this next season. It's going to happen. Anyway, on to your links, of which there are plenty.

Fooch posted the transcripts for the team's draft wrap-up conference for coach Singletary, Baalke and more from Taylor Mays on the situation with former coach (now Seattle's head coach) Pete Carrol. (

At 173 the 49ers took RB Anthony Dixon, at 182 they took TE Nate Byham, at 206 they took WR Kyle Williams and at 224 they took CB Phillip Adams. (

Maiocco has a recap of the 49ers entire draft. I think we did really well for ourselves. (

The 49ers have agreed to terms with a number of undrafted free agents, most notably RB LaGarrette Blount and return specialist LeRoy Vann. (

The 49ers had a big draft. A BIG draft. They'll topple the NFC West, and they'll do it with a wrecking ball. Awesome words. (

Click the link below to see the rest of the links..

The team definitely did supplement their run blockers with some runners in the draft, grabbing two guys who will battle for a roster spot. Wondering if I should jump start the Thomas Clayton bandwagon? Nah, I guess that's over with. (

Sando has his analysis of the NFC West's draft. (

And a breakdown of the whole draft. Cool tables and stuff. (

Here's Barrows' grades on the draft and a look at the newest 49ers. (

Samuel Lam shares his thoughts on the 49ers draft and gives out grades. Good analysis here. (

Barrows has some thoughts about the signing of Blount and also lists some more undrafted free agents the 49ers have agreed to terms with. (

He also has "ten points" about the 49ers draft. Good, insightful points, even. (

Another NFC West draft analysis from yet another source. (

The 49ers draft picks fit the 'tough' identity that Mike Singletary wants this team to have. (

Blount seems to have chosen well, at least according to one writer. He is of the opinion that Blount will thrive here. (

Some random notes from another writer, looking at the teams running back situation and the comments Taylor Mays has made. (

49ers first round choice OT Anthony Davis is ready to prove his naysayers wrong. Go get 'em, Anthony. (

Fooch also put together a list of the (at the time, updating as he can) undrafted free agents who have agreed to terms. (

Here is the audio from the conference call with Kyle Williams, the call with Nate Byham and the call with Anthony Dixon. (

Does Taylor Mays put the 49ers defense over the top? I don't think so necessarily but he will be an upgrade at some point during this season and give a lot of speed where it's needed. (

Here's Singletary's Notebook, I know that it's just a transcript but I always link to it. (

Why not! Another look at the 49ers draft, always a good thing to be reading, right? (

Division rivals the Arizona Cardinals dealt their CB Bryant McFadden in a trade involving picks. Do they not want a secondary? (

How would you grade the Rams' draft? Here's what they think. (