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Golden Nuggets: Let's be Blount about this.

Good morning everyone. The dust has settled from the NFL Draft and has subsequently been kicked up again by the plethora of undrafted free agent signings. Or rather, the undrafted free agent "agreements" that may or may not reflect on an actual signing that will take place. Naturally, I'm referring to the news that LeGarrette Blount has instead signed with the Tennessee Titans after agreeing to sign with our 49ers. More power to him, I suppose. I was happy that he was coming in, but I wasn't optimistic that he could beat out Anthony Dixon in a camp battle anyway, so I figure his time here would have been wasted. To be Blount about it, I didn't think he had a future here to begin with. Either way, the news keeps coming and I'm very excited for the players we've brought in via the draft and undrafted free agency thusfar. Let's get to your links.

As stated, UDFA running back LeGarrette Blount has decided to sign with the Titans as opposed to the 49ers. Again, makes sense for him. (

It would seem that Alex Smith is pleased with the 49ers draft picks, or at least the first two selections. Why wouldn't he be? The guy spent half of his playing time last season on his back. (

A look at the positions that teams within the NFC West did not address during the draft. (

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Here's some information and random facts on the 49ers Saturday draft picks. (

All of the 49ers picks in the draft evoke the toughness that Singletary wants this team to signify. (

This isn't exactly 49ers news, but it's something that's worth including. Perhaps the 49ers' most credible beat writer Matt Maiocco is no longer working with the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and therefore will no longer be found at his usual blog. He will, however, resurface in what we can assume is the world of sports writing elsewhere, rumored to be ESPN. Even if you don't agree with his opinions, Maiocco has been a veritable pool of information pertaining to the 49ers over the years. (

A look at some of the undrafted free agent signings reported around the NFC West, but take them with a grain of salt, it's from earlier yesterday morning. (

Wow this looks.. so ridiculously unprofessional and neither of these guys are meant for the camera or actually speaking. Either way, it's a "draft recap" of sorts, but I turned it off early on. (

Hey, look at that, Sando made the Blount situation about the Seahawks. I mean, it makes sense, but a lot of people here dislike his occasional perceived Seahawks bias. This is for you guys. (