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Golden Nuggets: Oh you heard that already?

Hey guys, did you hear that LeGarrette Blount signed with the Titans instead of the Niners? Oh you did? Oh OK cool. I guess it's good so we didn't literally hit them in th... oh you've heard this one too? Oh alright, cool. Uh, well anyway, good morning folks, Ninjames here, all that good stuff. Not a whole lot is going on, teams are finalizing their undrafted free agent signings, getting in their camp bodies to prepare for the upcoming training camps. I think the group of guys the 49ers have brought in are pretty solid, I have my eyes on both CBs and LeRoy Vann as well, though I guess he could be called a CB too, if you're into using terms loosely. Anyway, I have a few links for you so I'll get to posting them so I can get to sleep because I'm exhausted. Enjoy.

Here's the undrafted free agents the 49ers have announced as having signed thus far. (

Coach Singletary has no hard feelings toward LeGarrette Blount and the fact that he decided to pursue a roster spot with the Titans as opposed to the Niners. I guess nobody here has any hard feelings either. (

This coming season, the 49ers will have three first round draft picks starting on their offensive line. In theory, at least. Interesting stat. (

Click the link below to see the rest of the links.

A look at the values of the trades the 49ers conducted during the draft. (

Sando brings up a point of making draft grades being "futile." But like he says, they're fun to read. (

With that in mind, how about some draft grades! (

A look at what a couple of Examiners have to say about the 49ers draftees. (

The 49ers and the Raiders have learned their lesson, apparently. It's an interesting article and makes some points but when it all comes down to it I believe this team really is confident in Alex Smith. (

Here's Sando on KNBR, but I have yet to listen to it. (

The 49ers finalized their preseason schedule as far as dates and times are concerned. (