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Golden Nuggets: Silly me.

Good morning everyone. Apologies for getting this up late, but my internet went out. Apparently Clearwire's 24 hour support only operates during the hours between 6 AM and 6 PM so, you know. Silly me, to think that I could call them at any hour and tell them that their sub-par internet service is out. Either way, I'm starting this around 3:25, so I'm going to rush to get you your links, of which there are... I don't know. Not a whole lot happened yesterday, I'm sure we have more draft analysis and a  brief glimpse shows that I do indeed have another crackpot theory from Mr. Kawakami. That being said I need to hurry up and get to your links. Enjoy.

Two local players will be taking part in the 49ers minicamp. (

So who does Sando think will be the favorite to win the division this year? You might be surprised, considering his sometimes-perceived bias around here. (

Over at, they have five teams who are expected to receive immediate help from their draft picks. Guess who made an appearance? ('s Rob Rang has some thoughts on the 49ers draft. Here's here's thoughts on day oneday two, and day three. (

So Kawakami has some ridiculous theories about the quarterback situation. I mean, not that they're completely impossible or anything, just that they're incredible reaches right now. At this point it's throwing something at the wall and hoping it sticks. It's one thing to scout 2011 quarterback prospects in college but this kind of stuff is just... I don't know, boring to me. Very boring. So naturally, I'll link you all. (

Maiocco's replacement has got himself a Twitter account. He seems like a cool guy and all, I have formatting issues with the blog currently but it's all good, he seems like a good writer and I welcome him! (

Barrows has some post-draft depth chart thoughts. Nooo, Ziggy! My heart is crushed. (