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49ers QB situation: The madness of Tim Kawakami

Fooch's Note 10:25am: Indiana Jim (mentioned below) just posted at his own site discussing the same issue.

In today's Golden Nuggets, Ninjames posted an article from San Jose Mercury News writer Tim Kawakami. In that article, Kawakami queries whether the 49ers could end up with Michael Vick or Ben Roethlisberger in 2011. Just last week (and really for a long period leading up to that), Kawakami's big crush was Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen. The York's loved the guy and were going to make a move to get him in last week's draft. We all know how that turned out...

While Kawakami has advocated QB after QB after QB, it seems like the reality of the situation is that his real stance is that he just doesn't think Alex Smith can succeed, and he just doesn't like him as 49ers QB. One of our regulars, Indiana Jim has a Twitter feed, and had an interesting series of tweets earlier today. It's not earth shattering information, but it's something to keep in mind throughout the year:

Look, some of the Bay Area Media is invested in the failure of the current staff of the 49ers, and invested in the replacement of Alex Smith. For them, EVERY SINGLE QB is on the table. Doesn't matter if it's Ruthlessburger or Vick or Russell, the media wants to see it happen. Doesn't matter what the circumstances are, they operate under this paradigm constantly. Doesn't matter how bad the move would be.

My question is why this paradigm has to exist? I do believe this issue presents itself day in and day out, and I do understand why reporters discuss this. QB controversies are good for the sports section. Even though there are numerous incredibly interesting stories with the 49ers, QB controversies are the bread and butter of football coverage. And when you've got a QB like Alex Smith in the picture, it's easy to drum up random stories about new quarterback controversies. Personally, I view it as laziness to constantly print that kind of stuff, but if it gets you paid, why not write about it?

The question in my mind is when will it ever end? Looking at Donovan McNabb, it seems like nothing short of a Super Bowl victory will be enough for Alex Smith. The 49ers may very well win the division this year, but if they made an early exit from the playoffs I'd imagine Kawakami and some other folks would go straight to the well and write about how the team will never win a Super Bowl with Alex Smith at the helm.

So, is it laziness as I opine, or is it just that there is such fresh material that it would be stupid for writers like Kawakami to not discuss such issues? Basically, do you think Kawakami is doing us some kind of service by sticking to his guns on new QB options for the 49ers?